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Conveyor products

IPI Belt TrackerHacker


The IPI Belt TrackerHackerTM app provides our customers with a guiding toolkit to identify likely causes of conveyor underperformance.  Its in-built calculator also simplifies the alignment process when using IPI CCAT or SAS products.

  • Industry first practical conveyor optimisation and education tool

  • Intuitive step-by-step diagnostic guidance

  • Simplification of alignment calculations

  • IPI Belt Tracker Hacker presentation

Shaft Alignment System

The patented IPI Shaft Alignment System (SAS) offers the simplest, fastest and lowest cost solution available for large shaft alignment requirements, with particular benefit in the alignment of large conveyor pulleys.  

Using IPI’s highly developed but very straightforward methodology, your in-house resources can perform alignments in all three critical dimensions to within 0.5mm tolerance.

  • Simplest and lowest cost large shaft alignment solution on market

  • 0.5mm critical dimension tolerance

  • Measure and align large conveyor pulleys with minimum risk and effort using in-house resources

  • Shaft Alignment System Capability Presentation


Combination Conveyor Alignment Tool

The proprietary IPI Combination Conveyor Alignment Tool (CCAT) offers the fastest and most accurate whole-of-conveyor alignment capability on the market today.  

In the hands of skilled operators, the CCAT can reliably facilitate sub 5-minute individual idler re-alignments in all four critical dimensions to within 1mm tolerance. 

  • Fastest measurement and alignment performance on market

  • 1mm critical dimension tolerance

  • Measure and align whole conveyor systems in a single shutdown

  • Conveyor Alignment Presentation

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