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Drilling Services

Enhanced Bore Yield Systems

IPI’s Hino 500 based, proprietary Enhanced Bore Yield System (EBYS) increases exposed aquifer surface area by up to 600%, dramatically reducing bore installation requirements.

Complimenting the EBYS, IPI offers complete borehole installation services, including preliminary excavations, borehole drilling, headworks development and contamination management.

  • Significantly improved yield from even weakly flowing groundwater sources

  • Highly cost-effective services performed by a professional team

  • Australian Waterwell Driller License Number 118734

Enhanced Geotechnical Recovery Systems

A modification of the IPI Enhanced Bore Yield System (EBYS), the Enhanced Geotechnical Recovery System (EGRS) is uniquely capable of improving orebody intercept data, by selective ablation of the intercept region.

This capability offers particular benefit to producers of economically marginal orebodies, where lower-than-anticipated grades can be detrimental.

  • Cost effective verification of orebody grades

  • Precise and efficient system operation ensures borehole integrity is always maintained

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